On Impeaching President Trump

Mike Larsen

November 3, 2019

     As I write this, it is exactly one year from Election Day, 2020, when I have faith the American people will fulfill our solemn duty to deny the most corrupt and unqualified President in US history a second term.

     While that ultimate responsibility lies in the hands of voters, it makes Congress’ duty no less urgent to follow through with impeachment hearings to determine the level of corruption, unconstitutionality and criminal acts committed by President Trump.

     Were I serving in Congress, I would have voted YES to authorize an impeachment inquiry and, while I will reserve final judgment until after the hearings, I believe there is ample evidence that Donald Trump has led a lawless presidency with no respect for the values and democratic traditions of every president before him.

     The blame for this situation does not lie with those fulfilling their sworn oath to the Constitution, but rather with the President himself and his cowardly enablers in the House and Senate who could have stood up to him early in his administration so that, perhaps, it never would have come to this.

Healthcare is a Basic Human Right

Mike Larsen

November 1, 2019

     I believe most Americans, regardless of political affiliation, share the notion that the United State of America strives to be the greatest and most just nation on earth. We don’t always live up to those lofty goals, and sometimes fall woefully short, but the inclination still remains. It is this notion, in fact, that continues to bind our nation together, even when partisans movie further apart and commonality and unity are rare occurrences.

     There is no issue where America is more lacking in our promise than healthcare. While virtually all will agree that every human being deserves a reasonable expectation of adequate medical care when needed, we nonetheless allow a healthcare system that ranks care, compassion and healing as lesser concerns than dividends paid to shareholders in the corporations charged to deliver it.

     In this regard, America is far from its admirable goal of greatness and justice. In fact, we stand alone among the advanced nations on depriving citizens of their most basic needs.

     The corporate healthcare system - where hospitals, drug companies and insurance giants, not doctors and patients - determines who gets what care and how, is cruel and dehumanizing. We must recognize that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right, and that the drive for higher profits and shareholder rewards is anathema to delivering on that right.

     Whether we call it Medicare for All, Obamacare, or something else is unimportant to me. What is vitally important, and is a major reason I’m running for Congress, is that America lives up to its values and commits to providing dependable healthcare to all.